OsteopathyOsteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment which works with the structure and function of the body, it is based on the principle that the wellbeing of an individual depends on the skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues functioning smoothly together.

When the structure is in harmony and balance, just like a well tuned engine, it will function with the minimum of wear, stress and energy, leaving more energy available for living.

Damage is occurring to our body’s framework every minute of the day, but fortunately, it is designed to repair itself. It is only when either the damage is excessive or when the body’s normal defence and repair mechanisms are themselves impaired, that disease (literally, dis-ease) occurs and treatment is necessary.
By taking a case history and examining the body’s structure and function, the osteopath first seeks to establish the source of the symptoms. However, the aim in treatment may not be to treat the disease process or injury itself, but to remove mechanical hindrances to the normal restoration of health. In other words, to help the body to heal itself.


Osteopathy is recognised as an effective treatment for a wide range of painful disorders. It helps restore the function of the musculoskeletal system (joints, muscles and ligaments). The aim is to relieve pain and get you going again as quickly as possible. Patients of all ages can obtain benefit. The treatment is tailored to suit.

Osteopathic Treatments

A wide range of skills are available including manipulation, mobilisation, massage and exercise. Cranial osteopathy, a gentle and non invasive treatment is available which provides an opportunity for your body to let go restrictive tensions which have resulted from physical knocks and emotional stress during your lifetime, right from conception. It is especially useful in pregnancy and with babies. However it can also be used on patients who are experiencing acute pain or have chronic symptoms which have not responded to other types of treatment.

If you have

• Back and neck pain
• Arthritic pain
• Headaches
• Sports injuries
• Joint/muscle/tendon/ligament strain
• Sciatica
• Arm pain
• Pre and postnatal changes
• Repetitive Strain and overuse injuries
• Stress related symptoms
• Whiplash
• Reduced flexibility, mechanical limitation

Came and talk to me for diagnosis and therapy

First Appointment

What Does It Involve?

Case History

During your first visit we’ll take your full medical history so we have a full understanding of how to proceed. We’ll find out a bit more about your symptoms and the factors that affect them and what your expectation levels and goals are.

Examination and assessment

We may ask you to remove your top layer of clothing and carry out a simple series of movements so we can get a full understanding of your condition. It also allows us to identify which structures in your body could be causing your pain or discomfort – and to assess whether your body as a whole is moving as freely as it can. We will palpate the affected areas to assess for weakness, tenderness, restriction or strain within your body. We  will then make a diagnosis and discuss it with you, and if osteopathic treatment is suitable it will be offered to you on the first visit.


The treatment programme will start immediately. Treatment will be aimed at helping to restore muscle balance and normal joint mobility and function.

We usually start any treatment by releasing and relaxing muscles and stretching stiff joints, using massage techniques, rhythmic joint movements and muscle release techniques. We may also carry out manipulation using short, quick movements to spinal joints. Other techniques may be used depending on your problem.

Prevention is an important part of osteopathy and advice will be given on how to avoid a recurrence of the problem. Each case is evaluated individually so it is difficult to say how many treatments you will need. This will be discussed with you at the initial consultation.

How Long Will It Last?

Your first visit to us will last about an hour so that we can take a full case history and do a full examination followed by treatment.

Subsequent treatments will be for about half an hour.

How many treatments will I need?

Each case is evaluated individually so it is difficult to say how many treatments you will need. This will be discussed with you at the initial consultation normally between 2 and 6 sessions are required. Many patients then decide to have periodic preventative treatments to avoid recurring problems.

Prevention is an important part of osteopathy and advice will be given on how to avoid a recurrence of the problem.

Who Will Treat Me?

The practitioner of Mere Osteopathy is Mary Harbert BSc (Hons) Ost, a Registered Osteopath since 2001.

What do I need to do?

When taking the case history, answer the questions as fully as you can, you will be asked about any medication that you take and it may help for you to bring your prescription with you .

In the exam we will ask you to remove a layer of clothing to fully examine you so wear loose clothing. You will then be asked to stand and make some simple movements so that we can fully assess you.

Do I need a referral?

You do not need to be referred for treatment by your GP or specialist you can arrange a consultation independently. Most private health insurance schemes cover osteopathic treatment but you would do well to check with your provider first as all plans vary in what is covered and to what extent.

Are there any side effects with treatment?

Side effects are generally very rare; you might experience some tiredness / soreness for a few days afterwards but this will subside quickly. Osteopathy is a very safe & effective form of treatment & most patients feel substantially better for it.

How long will it take me to get better?

Your rate of recovery will depend on several factors including your age, general health, sensitivity to treatment, activities in your life, as well as the type of problem you have. The situation in your particular case at the time of your first consultation will be explained to you.

Am I too old or my baby too young for Osteopathic treatment?

Age is not a barrier to receiving osteopathic treatment & treatment is specifically adapted to your individual needs. Mary Treats patients of 8 years of age upwards, she can advise on local Osteopaths who treat younger children.

Osteopathy in Mere